Our accomplishments over the past 2 years!

Every Saturday a small group of friends met at coffee shops to discuss life, art projects, their inspirations and dreams. I am proud to announce we are officially celebrating 2 years of hosting digital art events in Portland!

Here is a quick breakdown by the numbers of all of our accomplishments:

  • 377 Total Members have joined since February 2022
  • We hosted 204 events!
  • There were a grand total of over 1,300 RSVP’s
  • We’ve hosted 31 Collaborative Art Jams Online with many artists around Oregon, Washington, California, Puerto Rico, and London
  • Since starting our Discord in 2023 we have over 150 members who are active and share their art and updates daily
  • We hosted 16 sliding scale workshops since May of 2023 in 2d and 3d Animation in Blender, Godot game design, comic making with Procreate, and plan to host many more in 2024!
  • We have 5 volunteers who are willing/capable of serving on a board of directors to register a 501c3
  • We’ve held 2 nonprofit development meetings so far and anticipate attaining nonprofit status in the next 6 months
  • We hosted our first event at a sponsored space to celebrate our 2 year anniversary Feb 24th 2024 at the Wacom Experience Center in Portland!

As we celebrate all of these amazing milestones, 10 digital artists in our community have chosen to showcase their work! Pushing the boundaries of creativity, blurring the lines between art and technology. From mind-bending animation to captivating soundscapes, each artist offers a unique lens. Dive in and discover the stories behind the art, the techniques that bring it to life, and the vibrant community that celebrates it.

Kristian Torres

Shreya Pidikiti

Jordan aka ‘Tanuki Token’

Joe aka ‘Eerie Tom (ago)’

Patrick aka ‘Jean-Renaud’

Brightwater Juniper aka ‘Juni’

May Gossett aka ‘Meganomaly’

Jaden aka ‘scamblecat’

BONUS, Daniel Johnson aka ‘OpenSourceArtist’ founder of the group

Checkout our 2024 Slideshow Presentation!

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