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Member Spotlight!

Daniel Johnson (he/him)

Daniel Johnson (he/him)

Founder of the Digital Dabblers

Daniel created the Digital Dabblers in February 2022 and has attended/hosted over 300 Meetup events. He graduated Oregon State University in 2017 with a B.S. in Energy Systems Engineering, with minors in Business and Communication. In-between his full-time job as a Network Administrator (for an Oregon non-profit) Daniel runs the Dabblers Meetup and Discord. He is also a self-taught freelance illustrator, and Open Source enthusiast, with a several years of experience using Blender 3d, Krita, WordPress, Linux, and much more!

Josh (he/him)

Josh (he/him)

Illustrator, Game Designer, Organizer

Josh is a full-time software developer, and self proclaimed “hobbyist,” illustrator, comic maker, and game designer. Josh has been attending and co-hosting the Dabblers socials and other events religiously for over a year and would probably win the “perfect attendance award,” if such an award existed 🙂 Josh also hosts our Intro to Godot 2d Game Design workshop!

Jacob Salsbury (he/him)

Jacob Salsbury (he/him)

Volunteer Blender 3d/2d Workshop Host

Jacob Salsbury is a freelance animator, podcast host, and former university lecturer in animation. Today he specializes in 3D and motion graphics, but he has animated and taught in just about every medium of animation. His passion for storytelling and artistry is what drove him to pursue this field, where he fell in love with its history, production, and technology. Professionally, he’s worked with clients ranging anywhere from independent web-comic artists to big brands like Lululemon. Outside work, Jacob loves playing tabletop games and teaching his cat tricks. You can check out and follow his work at

Paul Conrad (he/him)

Paul Conrad (he/him)

Organizer & Monthly Supporter!

Paul has been attending events with the Dabblers since the first month we started the group. A graduate of the Art Institute of Portland, his visual style tends toward unique, abstract and picturesque landscapes. Hopefully one day he will share his beautiful drawings with the world. But in the meantime we are happy to have him helping co-host our Saturday socials!

Christen Kimbell (she/her)

Christen Kimbell (she/her)

Portland Vortex Creative Club

Christen is the creator of the Portland Vortex Creative Club. She joined the Dabblers and reached out, expressing interest in collaborating on our two groups. We cross-post events when a member of group A may be interested in Group B and vice versa! Checkout her Meetup Group here:

Antonio Pirozzi (he/him)

Antonio Pirozzi (he/him)

Creator of the Digital Dabblers Logo!

Antonio is an experienced artist with a broad range of knowledge in several different mediums. Amongst digital art, they also enjoy sculpting, painting, marker + pen, and collage art. They’re very passionate about being able to wear their art through clothes and jewelry, and find a lot of joy in sharing the work they make with the world. Additionally, they’ve had success exploring more accessible ways for artists with health conditions to create as well!

Roya Madjlessi (she/her)

Roya Madjlessi (she/her)

Longterm Member & Social Media Volunteer

Roya Madjlessi volunteered to help assemble our social media pages and grew our Instagram following to over 100 followers in just a few months! She has hosted special events for the Dabblers such as our lake days, friendsgiving, birthday parties, etc. Roya was instrumental in helping get the group started. Roya and Daniel are friends and on great terms! Roya cares deeply for the long-term success of the group.

Joe (he/him)

Joe (he/him)

Organizer & Longterm Member

Joe moved to Portland Mar 2020—just in time for the lockdown. 🙁 His interests include Japanese language and culture; creating art and electronic music (and other kinds), good eats and coffee. Music site:

JahNet (they/them) @alienklxtz

JahNet (they/them) @alienklxtz

Organizer & Brand Evangelist

JahNet is a queer Mexican punx artist, who has been featured in several queer art galleries in Portland. They are an avid fan of the Digital Dabblers and a yearly supporter. We were lucky enough to have them signed-on as an organizer with the group. Their artwork is AMAZING! and they are also one of the kindest and most welcoming humans we know!

Our Purpose, Vision, Values

Our 12 Core Values

    1. We value being open to other people.
    2. We value creativity.
    3. We value creative choices.
    4. We are interested in other people’s development.
    5. We value community.
    6. We value digital art literacy.
    7. We welcome all newcomers.
    8. We are authentic.
    9. We practice cultural humility.
    10. We value knowledge.
    11. We value new ideas.
    12. We value individuality.

Our Purpose

    1. To facilitate the development of burgeoning artists.
    2. To collaborate on projects for common good.
    3. To provide opportunity to learn about potential careers.
    4. To be be an educational resource for artists.
    5. To support open source development.
    6. To support skill based community development.

Our Vision

    • We are a community center dedicated to digital artists.
    • We have a multiteam/multigroup community.
    • We have an active outreach program.
    • We are a guild of digital artists.
    • Anybody can participate regardless of means.
    • We teach multiple classes, in-person and online.
    • We provide education.
    • We facilitate sharing between different levels of skill.
    • We are allied with other nonprofits.
    • We have a production studio.
    • Everybody knows everybody.

Thank You to Our Sponsors & Donors!

Meetup Donations

Caitlin Stevens 11/04/23 $11.00
Chinwe Onwudiwe 10/21/23 $20.00
Al Kazantsev 10/15/23 $5.00
Megan Chauhan 10/14/23 $10.00
Katherine Sale 09/23/23 $10.00
Anonymous 06/24/23 $2.00
Megan Chauhan 06/10/23 $20.00
Josh Wiens 05/30/23 $50.00
Victoria Wang 05/14/23 $35.00
Anonymous 03/04/23 $10.00
Aaron Krantz 02/03/23 $10.00
Anonymous 01/25/23 $20.00
Anonymous 01/09/23 $5.00
Sherry Wacker 12/29/22 $2.00
Paul Conrad 12/10/22 $10.00
Paul Conrad 09/24/22 $10.00
Todd Tuthill 09/15/22 $20.00

Guild Members!

Matthew Devney


Michael Elliot

Guild $29.99/month

Allen Sperling

Guild $29.99/month

Paul Conrad 

Guild $29.99/month
Juan M Supporter $5/month

Curtis Roth    

Supporter $5/month
Sid Chauhan 8-Workshop $149.99


Roya Madjlessi Multiple $20
Brightwater Juniper 12-2-23 $20
Jesse Banks 10-1-23 $20
Grey F. 9-29-23 $10
Josh Foster 3-7-23 $25
Jahnet Gonzalez 3-5-23 $25
Jason Gluck Multiple $10
Joe Multiple $5

Meetup Members

Weekly Workshops

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How to Find Us?

Location: 529 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Telephone: (971) 218-2661



Sat-Sun: 9am – 3pm, Wed, Fri: 6pm – 9:30pm.

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