Bugs, Bees, Arachnids Oh MY!!

This time-lapse video shows a group of artists collaborating on a digital canvas during an online art jam. The canvas gradually fills with color as the artists add their unique styles and techniques to the mix, while ambient music plays in the background before culminating in a reveal of the finished artwork!

Artists (starting Top Left going Clockwise): Eerie Tom, @HenryinSpace!, Josh W., Daniel Johnson, Roya Madjessi, @alipgesis

 Blender 3d Fluid Simulation Demo

Video Description: I wound up creating this glass mug for a workshop I hosted experimenting with Blender 3d fluid simulations.

  •    Render Engine: Cycles (30 Samples)
  •    Blender Version: 3.6.5 LTS
  •    Time: 9s
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